Renew Plastic Solar Ballast Mounting


▪ Easy and flexible position planning

▪ Fast installation

▪ Suitable for any flat surface

▪ Without damaging any surface

▪ Unlimited expansion

How does it work?

▪ Tub is a ballasted solution for installing Solar Panels in Landscape Orientation on flat roofs or the ground.

▪ Tubs are weighed down with ballast. Any material can be used: gravel, paving slabs, bricks, rocks etc.

▪ Tubs provide an angle of 15° and can be fitted to flat roofs with a pitch of up to 5°.

Material : HDPE

Angle of Installation: Ballast

Weight of Filler: 120 kgs

Content: Plastic box*1, End clamp*4, Screw*4

No. Tubs Per Panel: One more than number of solar

Life time: 25 years

Dimension (MM): 1017 x 695 x 507

Net weight (KGS): 7.5

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