Charge + Solar diverter

Maximise your solar investment with the Charge + Solar Diverter. This intelligent device detects excess solar energy and directs it to power your chosen appliances. Real-time monitoring, easy installation, and remote control make energy efficiency effortless. Prioritise appliances, reduce bills, and take control of your energy future.

▪ Supports up to 3.6kW
▪ Works with up to 2 devices
▪ Uses the surplus solar energy generated by your PV Panels
▪ Flexibly works with the grid to ensure instant hot water supply
▪ Heats your water on command via the timer or the “Enhance” button
▪ Display showing real-time usage data & historical energy savings
▪ Simple and easy installation between the inverter and your immersion heater

What do you need?
▪ Home PV system
▪ Immersion heater
▪ Solar Immersion Controller

What Can You Get
▪ Fully utilise the solar energy generated by your PV system
▪ Save money on your electricity bill
▪ The perfect harmony between Solar Immersion Sender

Solar Immersion Controller
Operating Voltage: AC 220-240V
Maximum Loads: 16A Resistive (up to 3.6kW)
Operating Ambient Temperature: -10 to 45″c
Certificate: CE
Dimensions: 130X 218X 63.5
Weight: 7209

Solar immersion sender

Battery Type: 2’AA 1.5alkaline battery
Battery Life Cycle: 1 year (easy to replace)
Operating Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
Radio Range: Up to 30m indoor
Operating Ambient Temperature: -25 to 50·c
Certificate: CE
Dimensions: 68 x 96 x 30 mm (excluding clamp)

Downloadable PDF data sheet below

Renew – Charge+ Data sheet

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