Highest quality Installation systems and accessories
Designed by installers for installers

Renew is a reliable UK based company supplying solar mounting systems whilst also offering customised solutions.

Highest quality Installation systems and accessories

Renew products have been designed by installers for installers. We supply systems for both domestic and industrial installations and we can customise products to suit all requirements.

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Renew the uk based company

Renew the uk based company which produces the highest quality Installation systems and accessories for the solar industry.

We supply systems for both domestic and industrial installations and we can customise producto suit whatever special needs that you may have.


Get to know about the Products

  • Hook Mat Are high density hope Matt will believe it's the finest on the market When installing yeah think on a roof with small flat tiles if reduces the installation time buying nearly 2/3 Please see explanation video Comes in boxes of 14 Manufactured completely from recycled crumbs rubber

  • Pan tile Hook are pantile hook our manufacturers are manufactured from 304 stainless steel so completely suitable for whatever conditions they may come up against they are supplied with installation screws and come in a box of 50 fully marked making it easier for the fitter to see what he's got any van and the warehouse to know what stop they've got

  • Slat hook Suitable for Annie pitched slave roof of manufactured in 3 months for stainless steel comes with 2 fixing squirrels and the rail plant

  • Shortened tile flat tile hook well pretty much cover all flat tiles no matter what size again manufactured in 314 stainless stdear

  • Universal clamp does away with the need for having both ends in mid clamps as this does both jobs saving the install our time aggravation and waste carrying 2 different products

  • Solar guard Bird Mesh 1 mill 1.5 miles steel fully galvanised and plastic coated witj bkack pvc for an extremely long lifespan comes in 30 meter rolls 200 mmeters wide perfect for bird prevention and any sort of rodents that may be may Ddecide underneath the panels

  • Stainless steel black headed screws The ideal screw for fitting of the solar guard board mesh comes in boxes of 100

Renew track

Renew track comes in 3.6 meter length rather than the standard 3.3 this will reduce the amount of installation time and the amount of connectors and waste on material as it is a much more suitable length in the standard 3.3 lengths sold by our competitors

Renew rail connectors

Renew rail connectors connec Our simplicity itself would just 2 hex screws forEasy installation

Panel end clamps

Solar tubs designed for ground mounting or roof mountain solar panels were you do not want to use a mechanical fixing or may need to move these tubs in the future are as come with a bracket which allows it to fish Annie size of panel Iwith in reason

Vertical rail fixing hooks exactly the same as all data hooks except for to be used where the rails are to be fitted vertically instead of horizontally